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Multi-rotor UAV

Mooring UAV can realize aerial reconnaissance, strong light illumination, monitoring and tracking and etc. by hovering for a long time at the scene of the fire.

Aerial reconnaissance: Dual-optical pod, anemometer, thermometer and toxic gas detector etc. can be mounted in UAV. Color digital camera can transmit fire information at every height and angle to ground station receiver through wireless data in a real time. Infrared thermal imager can be installed to effectively solve the shortage of color digital camera when monitoring in extreme conditions and can effectively control the risk of resurgence. Anemometer, thermometer and toxic gas detector can transmit a large amount of real-time fire-field data to ground receiver via wireless data by combining airborne high-precision GPS/BD positioning, so as to carry on in-depth analysis and auxiliary decision.

Airborne lighting: Strong light lighting system can be mounted in UAV and set at the same direction as air surveillance camera. Aerial shooting effect can be enhanced with strong light in the case of limited light. At the same time, it can provide lighting for firefighters working at night to achieve rapid positioning, target determination and etc.

Monitoring and tracking: Various disaster sites are changing all the time. When dealing with disaster incidents, accurate fire information can be provided by using UAV to monitor and track the scene of fire to help the headquarters at all levels to know disaster information dynamically and make fast and accurate countermeasures. 

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