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SUP-C1 Dual-optical Electrical AIO Airborne Pod With High Stable Image


Product Overview:

xxxx is a dual-optical-electrical AIO airborne pod with high stable image, consisting of three-axis self-stabilizing platform, uncooled infrared thermal imager, high-definition visible light camera and optical-jitters-eliminating lens etc. It is mainly equipped for small and medium-sized UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle). Using high-precision three-axis servo system, optical-jitters-eliminating lens and image-jitters-eliminating algorithm, it can effectively isolate disturbances from the carrier aircraft and environment to obtain stable images. It can search and track ground-and-air targets around the clock in 360-degree dead-end, and transmit the real-time image information to each request terminal through UAV data link.

l A collection of IR and visible images, 24-hour all-weather surveillance

l High-precision stable platform to isolate disturbance effectively, 360° continuous rotation, azimuth and pitch rotation controlled manually

l 1080P visible-light camera, 20x continuous zooming, optical jitters-eliminating

l 640x512 IR camera, 4x continuous zooming, optical jitters-eliminating, pedestrians and vehicles identification within 1km

l High-precision image stabilization technology to further eliminate the disturbance

l Advanced target recognition and tracking algorithm to achieve high accuracy automatic tracking

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