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SVP Series Portable Multi-function Audio- video Processing Platform

Product Overview:

Portable multi-function audio-video processing platform is a comprehensive integrated device, integrating audio and video seamless switching, real-time subtitle overlay, acquisition, storage, transmission and display into a whole. Integrating various editing software including video editing, picture editing and document editing, edited video, pictures and documents can be played out via platform. The system is configured 2-44Gmobile phones with special software built-in. By connecting the processing platform with cloud platform, mobile phone videos, pictures, sketches, short messages and location information can be, in a real time, uploaded to the processing platform that can seamless broadcast mobile phone video in a real time. The track and location information of a mobile phone can be displayed on the map installed in it, whole that of connected mobile phones can be displayed in map windows on the platform. By connecting the platform with network, real-time video streaming or stored video information can be selectively read, broadcasted, stored and edited remotely via the processing platform. Specially designed high-strength security box with a pull rod is applied. Its size is 56x45x26cm and the weight is less than20kg, easy to carry. Iron phosphate lithium ion battery of large capacity is built-in.

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