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The Launch of Mooring UAV System Products Open the New Pattern of UAV Industry


On October 15th in 2016, Beijing SoBest Technology Development Co., Ltd (SoBest Technology hereafter) has officially released mooring unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system products in Beijing, jointly developed with 706 Bureau of 2nd Institute of CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation). According to the introduction of Dr. Yao Zhijiang, the chairman of SoBest Technology, series mooring UAV system products have been developed after three years of arduous research, including command vehicle system, communication system, power system, UAV platform products and so on and communication and survey with UAV for long-term and long-distance have been realized. Series UAV products can be widely used in military and civilian fields to meet various needs such as emergency communication, survey and monitoring and etc.

Dr. Yao Zhijiang said: a truly superior mooring UAV system should be stronger in standardization, modularization, practicability and adaptability and be able to offer series solutions and customized applications for different business demands. The UAV system of SoBest Technology involves various technologies including command vehicle system, UAV system, power system, automatic take-up and payoff system, machine nest self-control system, communication system, survey system and so on. The released mooring UAV system is leading internationally in the key technical indexes. Its maximum take-off weight is no less than 20 kg, the maximum effective load is no less than 5 kg and the maximum speed is no less than 10m/s. The hovering height when working is no lower than 100m, and hovering endurance with load is no shorter than 72h as well. The released UAV can resist strong breeze when take-off or landing and strong gale when hovering. Furthermore, the UAV system can provide 1000V DC input with 5kW airborne power supply and can take off and land automatically. The released UAV system has various advantages features including longer operating time, larger effective load and farer communication distance and higher safety and reliability. 
Moreover, SoBest Technology carries out capital strategy arrangement. Dr. Yao Zhijiang said, so far the latest valuation of SoBest Technology is RMB 200 million yuan after financing in round A, which has laid a solid foundation for building a world-leading professional UAV and its application system enterprise and the long-term development of UAV system. SoBest Technology has transferred its UAV and robot business to high-tech zone of Changsha, where the production base of UAV system will be formed, and a world-leading industrial intelligence robot will be developed relying on continuous independent R&D to realize the aims for serving our country with science and technology as well as industry.
For the recent planning of UAV, Dr. Yao Zhijiang said: during the period of 2016-2017, the company will successively launch upgraded products for mooring UAV system, including small and lightweight portable systems and mooring system with higher hovering height.
At the same time, SoBest Technology will launch, by the end of 2016, Long-endurance Tilt Rotor UAV System, of which the duration of flight is 2 to 4 hours, the effective load is no less than 5 KG and the power supply uses fuel cells. The Tilt Rotor UAV system carries our own dual-optical pod with three-level jitters-eliminating. This dual-optical pod can provide multiple technical features and functions, including optical-jitters-eliminating,10x continuous optical zooming, high-precision image stabilization, automatic ground-moving target tracking around the clock and automatical patrol & inspection.

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